Grocery Delivery

Grocery Delivery & Pick-up

During the pandemic, we are using online ordering for groceries. After trying a few this year, here’s what we recommend:


  • Amazon Wholefoods. As a member of Amazon Prime, there is no charge for delivery and there are some prime member deals. We add a tip for the driver. I can select from photos of previously ordered items on a new order, which is convenient. Amazon’s shopper will text me to ask about substitutions, so I need to keep my cell phone handy hours before delivery, but I plan for that. Delivery windows are 2-hours and I can usually get next day and sometimes same day. I get alerts as my groceries are on the way. They leave the order at my front door in neatly organized, labeled paper bags with additional paper wrap to keep items cold or snug. I cannot trust expiration dates of milk (sometimes just a few days left) and the freshness of fruits and vegetables (a little too ripe once it gets here). Customer service is great.
  • Walmart Pick-up & Delivery. The delivery fee is $7.95 – $9.95, plus the tip for the driver. Walmart presents our previously ordered favorites for easy re-ordering. The prices are low. In addition to food, I can order all of our cleaning supplies & paper goods when they’re in stock. If I choose next day delivery, I can make changes up until 1 AM, which is great as we often forget a few things. I can preset our substitution preferences (which it remembers for future orders), including no substitution, so the shopper can automatically replace with a pre-approved item or skip it. Their milk, fruits and vegetables have better expiration dates and more freshness. Walmart sources more locally. The order is left at the door in tons of plastic bags without labeling. Customer service is great. I have not tried their store pick-up yet, but I understand they use a phone app similar to Target that alerts them to your arrival, then they bring the groceries and put them in your trunk.
  • Target drive-up. Convenient phone app, but you must use it to order, and bring it with you to pick up. Be careful to choose “drive-up” (outside service) instead of “pick-up” (inside the store) if you plan to wait outside. Orders ready within 2 – 4 hours. In addition to paper goods, cleaning supplies and many department store items, Target added limited grocery, which is great for a fill-in shop of a few items. No charge for drive-up, so we save money on delivery fees and tips.


  • Fresh Market. Although we generally like the Fresh Market, we were not successful using their online service. They use Insta-Cart. They botched the first few orders we tried and their customer service was terrible. The store and Inta-cart kept pointing fingers at each other and neither would take responsibility for errors.

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